The rich sleep of inquiry

It feels that the decision to make money and make money is very important to rest and sleep. The sleep also needs to be studied.

Falling asleep

1.Money protection

The security of money Don’t worry about the loss of theft, don’t worry about the loss of investment. Think about how much you feel safe after you fall asleep. Whenever you fall asleep, the fear of being attacked or even killed deep in your heart will harm your unconscious brain.

Security of accommodation

Security of accommodation Natural disaster safety, no earthquake, flood, fire. Personal safety, property security, fire escape, anti-fraud and anti-theft, security status.


Quiet and cool room. Think about why you can’t sleep well on a hot summer night. The room needs to be well ventilated and the indoor temperature should be maintained between 17-20 degrees Celsius. It is better to cover the quilt with lower temperature, and not to cover very few things in a hot environment