The speed of wealthy inquiry

Because the net name that I do n’t want to learn is inspired by learning and then learning, now more and more I do n’t want to learn anymore. I feel that if there is a balance in learning, if there is a balance, it will lose happiness. It doesn’t help to learn more. Because I don’t want to learn, I am afraid that what I learned from the Internet is written here.

I do n’t know if anyone reads these, and I ’m very happy anyway. I suppose someone is watching.

What I said in learning to learn again

Therefore, speaking vividly, making money slowly is a sin, a primitive sin. Because the “gravitational acceleration” in finance is relatively harsh, most people do n’t know it; if you make less money and you make money slowly, you will never be able to “fly”, let alone “fly out” … for one year Cui Jian issued a song, the last sentence was “I can’t fly”, when I heard that sentence, my tears suddenly fell down