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germline mutation somatic mutation point mutation frameshift mutation what controls traits and inheritance? the punnett square predicts the ratio of genotypes in the offspring based on the genotypes of the parents. which punnett square represents a cross between a mom who is heterozygous for dimples and a dad who is homozygous for no dimples? which is the best example of a hypothesis leading to new experimental methods? weird genetic disorders what is a gene? a section of a protein that codes for dna the alternate version of a trait the visible trait in the f1 generation a section of dna that codes for a specific trait which type of mutation occurs only in reproductive cells? somatic mutation germline mutation point mutation frameshift mutation anencephaly which is a point mutation and not a frameshift mutation? mutagen insertion deletion silent which statement describes mendel\xe2\x80\x99s hypotheses regarding gametes? which type of mutation always produces a stop codon? missense nonsense silent point what is an example of a genetic disorder caused by a substitution mutation? 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