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a. american council for an energy efficient economy b. alliance to save energy c. energy star d. all of the above government sanctioned activities to improve ecosystems have had little effect. the national wildlife refuge supports _______ wildlife refuges. a. 150 b. 37 c. 550 d. 227 which of the following is a result of government attempts to increase energy efficiency? how is the national wildlife refuge system similar to the pacific region coastal program? space heater walmart energy efficient u.s. fish and wildlife services collaborates with _______. renewable energy what is energy efficiency ficien Energy Efficient energy use Cost System Electricity Air conditioning Heat Window Synonym Washing machine Market Gas Furnace Pump Economics Production Solar power Calculation Formula Industry Work Manufacturing Cubic foot Laundry Goal Laundry Work Cubic foot Natural environment Industry Mechanics Profit Goal Solar energy Monopoly ficien efficiency efficient energy efficient high efficiency what is efficiency energy efficiency efficiently cost efficient efficiency for rent efficiency definition efficiency minecraft efficient definition effective efficiencies efficient synonym efficency efficiency formula high efficiency washer what is energy efficiency energy efficient windows market efficiency high efficiency detergent efficiency ratio economic efficiency efficient meaning how to run an efficient warehouse a school is creating class schedules for its students. the students submit their requested courses and then a program will be designed to find the optimal schedule for all students. the school has determined that finding the absolute best schedule cannot be solved in a reasonable time. instead they have decided to use a simpler algorithm that produces a good but non-optimal schedule in a more reasonable amount of time. which principle does this decision best demonstrate? 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