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the most common reason that systems fail is because the business requirements are either missing or incorrectly gathered during the analysis phase. it is a scientific fact that facial appearance is a reliable predictor of character. abandon crossword clue "weston industries and riley enterprises are manufacturing companies. currently schoolyard friend crossword "which statement below is inaccurate? web 2.0 is a simple the cost of manufacturing a specific good in a developing country is less than the cost to manufacture it in the united states. what is the most likely result if that country exports the good to u.s. markets? an art gallery has two vases that have not sold for more than two years. each vase cost $130 and originally retailed for $250. each vase has a current net realizable value of $90. what will the art gallery report as a loss for the year? religion based in haifa israel crossword which non-price determinate is sometimes utilized by the government to decrease demand for a product that is viewed as harmful to society? 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