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how did iran change under ayatollah khomeini? islamic clerics criticized the shah of iran because they what led to widespread protests in iran in 2009? "today which statement best describes hamas arab league members which statement best describes hamas? what was one reform that helped transform turkey in the 1920s? \xd8\xac\xd8\xa7\xd9\x85\xd8\xb9\xd8\xa9 \xd8\xa7\xd9\x84\xd8\xaf\xd9\x88\xd9\x84 \xd8\xa7\xd9\x84\xd8\xb9\xd8\xb1\xd8\xa8\xd9\x8a\xd8\xa9 bill robinson "in terms of governance which statements describe the shah\xe2\x80\x99s rule of iran in the 1950s and 1960s? check all that apply. 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