Exploring riches flashes at low altitude

“Flashing at a low altitude” is enough, and more energy is devoted to the programming he really likes. “I have no interest in going abroad, and I have never thought about studying in graduate school. For me, it is a waste of time. Jiang Fan once said. For things that he is not interested in, he will always pass by in a low-altitude attitude, and at the least cost and expense, complete these objectively necessary things to free up more time and energy. Pin what you ��re really interested in.

Becoming Rich Exploring Outer World Concerns

My home is in a rural area, the location is not rich, and when I came home, I felt deeply the importance of external resources.

In a relative environment, it would be unrealistic to become rich without other outside resources. We all need external needs, maybe this is a selfish gene.

Seek the outside world, including the attention of the outside world, the docking of the rich resources of the outside world, the exchange of external resources.

It is necessary to formulate corresponding strategies based on whether the living environment resources are rich, whether to seek attention or avoid it.

In seeking the means of outside attention, there are luxury cars by showing off wealth. Can get a lot of attention, and then get outside resources. There is also spread through words.

When I write this text, when you read it, I can get through this text, and all my money increases.

The speed of wealthy inquiry

Because the net name that I do n’t want to learn is inspired by learning and then learning, now more and more I do n’t want to learn anymore. I feel that if there is a balance in learning, if there is a balance, it will lose happiness. It doesn’t help to learn more. Because I don’t want to learn, I am afraid that what I learned from the Internet is written here. I do n’t know if anyone reads these, and I ’m very happy anyway. I suppose someone is watching. What I said in learning to learn again Therefore, speaking vividly, making money slowly is a sin, a primitive sin. Because the “gravitational acceleration” in finance is relatively harsh, most people do n’t know it; if you make less money and you make money slowly, you will never be able to “fly”, let alone “fly out” … for one year Cui Jian issued a song, the last sentence was “I can’t fly”, when I heard that sentence, my tears suddenly fell down

The rich sleep of inquiry

It feels that the decision to make money and make money is very important to rest and sleep. The sleep also needs to be studied.

Falling asleep

1.Money protection

The security of money Don’t worry about the loss of theft, don’t worry about the loss of investment. Think about how much you feel safe after you fall asleep. Whenever you fall asleep, the fear of being attacked or even killed deep in your heart will harm your unconscious brain.

Security of accommodation

Security of accommodation Natural disaster safety, no earthquake, flood, fire. Personal safety, property security, fire escape, anti-fraud and anti-theft, security status.


Quiet and cool room. Think about why you can’t sleep well on a hot summer night. The room needs to be well ventilated and the indoor temperature should be maintained between 17-20 degrees Celsius. It is better to cover the quilt with lower temperature, and not to cover very few things in a hot environment

Lonely Strike

Really getting lonely

It’s 8pm at the library desk. There are a lot of people on the table in the library. Before learning that there should be a lot of people around, I saw a word of loneliness. It is not that no one is around but can’t communicate. Is a big problem

Sometimes I want a lot of money, so I wo n’t be alone

I can think of a lot of ways to earn hundreds of thousands and make millions. It feels difficult. High risk. High return. It takes a lot of control. Money is too difficult to make. The ideal is too difficult to achieve. Feeling solitary is really no solution

Writing text is a good thing. It makes people look forward to it. More people can read it. Being able to read it is also a little fun.

Exploring Rich Quickly

Some principles of investigating cryptocurrency investments

  1. Have original concept, technical code has high originality
  2. The core team members have long history experience in the currency circle (time precipitation)
  3. User participation in technology products is highly interactive
  4. The number of teams involved in the development to promote the progress of the project is relatively long and the frequency of promotion is high
  5. The official website domain name is short xem neo iota gxb 6. Follow the trend, the big environmental price k-line forms a weekly trend

The speed and weight of wealthy inquiry

In the world of martial arts, martial arts in the world can only be broken

But in this world of how much money to compete. Wanting to get rich faster than traditional wealth at super fast speeds can be problematic.

The production of androd Xiaomi mobile phones no matter how fast Huawei produces. Nor is it profitable. The world ’s martial arts is not quick to break the idea of getting rich. Pursuing fast wealth may have problems